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A Brand New Sorting Community

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hh_sorting is a brand new Harry Potter sorting community! We have classes, sorting,quidditch, competition, friends, and fun! Compete against other houses for the House Cup, stop by our RPG community, or simply chat with fellow students in the Great Hall. We pride ourselves on our polite sorting techniques and our welcoming attitudes towards all students. Apply today and join in the fun!

When I say brand new I MEAN brand new! We opened our doors to applicants on Monday. Our goal is to grow and become the best Harry Potter sorting community on Livejournal. We are hoping to find applicants that enjoy friendship and competition as well as a few that are gifted at leadership as we still have some slots to fill in the staff. Our motto may be cliche but it's what we follow in terms of sorting. Treat each applicant as you would wish to be treated. (hey I said it was cliche!)

I've been in sorting communities and was appalled at how rudeness was not only directed towards the applicant but condoned by the staff. If anyone is interested I hope to see you apply! If you have any questions or concerns please respond to this post or visit my journal at childofares. Join us at hh_sorting to view the application and our hints and FAQ's!

Thank you for your time
Headmistress Selene
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