Goodnight Moon (mismatchedsocks) wrote in dorksunite,
Goodnight Moon

you bunch are the coolest dorks i've ever met... and yes, that is an insult.

okay, i feel the need to remind the few people in this community that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A HARRY POTTER FAN TO BE A MEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITY.

mainly because, in case you haven't noticed, harry potter was never an uncool thing.

we need some hardcore geek stories up in here.

for example, a couple days ago i walked out of the elevators at work having worn my sexiest, most confidence-inducing black heels. so i fluffed my hair and strutted out of the lift and of course, i totally stood in the door gap between the elevator and building, twisted my ankle, stumbled to the floor, only to be crushingly squished by the heavy elevator doors (which for some reason failed to detect me in the entrance), before getting up and trying to play it off like it wasn't the most humiliating moment i've had in a few months.

while some people scrambled to help me, some idiot laughed at me.
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